Male | He, They, Whatever | Pan-Romantic Heteroflexible | Backend (JS) Web Developer
(From my Twitter bio.)

Hey, my name is Aiku (or well, I go by it), I'm a developer and specialize in web development the most. My occupation is profoundly centred on backend development, I do work on frontend but it isn't the greatest or prettiest. My favourite operating system for hosting all of my projects such as Discord Bots, APIs and websites is Ubuntu 19.10 which as of now is running 24/7 on a VPS hosted by DigitalOcean

I aim to try to make all of my code open source under the GNU General Public License v2.0 (GPL-2.0 for short) which allows any other developer to see how the things I made work in case they wish to add features, fix bugs or even just use it in their projects.