The prefix is set to fluff and can not be changed

Command Expected Output or Description Example Notes
help This list
donate Shows you a QR code and a URL to donate to help fund the development fox
role Gives the member the role they choose role Fox gives the member the Fox role. There are no limitation the member can add or remove any role under Fluffster's role.
purge Purges x amount of messages purge 6 Can only be used by an admin.
sauce Returns the image source from form sites such as e926 sauce or sauce then attach the image Service provided by SauceNAO's API, images may not be correct
poll Makes a poll with a title and reaction options poll title
The title is next the poll command and each option is on a new line, max 27
settle If two or more people are arguing, you can type settle @user1 @user2 etc and fluffster will create a temporary channel, only mods and the pinged users will be able to see it, and the ping users won't be able to message in any other channel. To end, a mod must type settle end in that channel. Fluffster will delete the channels and allow the users to message elsewhere. fluffsettle @users Can only be used by an admin.
imafox Set's user's nickname to Fluffy Fox imafox Fluffster's role needs to be higher then the users to be able to change nicks
wishlist Your own personal wishlist wishlist item
ticket or issue URL to submit an issue ticket or issue
[action/animal] Return an image or an action from the list of endpoints fox or cat etc.. or hug/cuddle/boop/lick/kiss @user