Anything that is striked with a line means that the feature is needed to be implemented or isn't working fully. More feature are planned to be added.

Add FoxoBot to your server!

The prefix is set to - by default but can by changed via the settings

Command Expected Output or Description Example Notes
help This list
help image Shows a list of all the images you can get the bot to send fox
[image] Sends an image from the API, you can view the commands via help image or the API's endpoints fox
ping Pong
pong Ping
flipacoin or flipcoin or flip-a-coin or flip or coin Either It's Heads! or It's Tails!
invite My Invite Link: ...
setting or settings Menu of settings to choose from to change
remindme Sets a reminder, DM's member once it's time remindme 1d Do something remindme 4m Do something remindme 20s Do something Accepted formats: ny:nw:nd:nh:nm:ns where n is a number
rank Shows your rank in the server out of everyone, or the pinged member's rank or rank @member
rankup Shows how many messages are needed to get to the next rank rankup
leaderboard Shows the servers top 10 ranked members leaderboard
avatar Shows your avatar, or the pinged member's rank or rank @member